Mechanical massages

A lymphatic drainage using the Boa mechanical device is a drainage done by using a sequential pressure massage of upper and lower limbs as well as the pelvic girdle, buttocks and belly..

Treatment cost 50 zł‚
A massage on the waterbed Medy-Jet – the Medy Jet is a kind of mechanical massage, combining the functions of a dry massage and warmth. The massaging factor is the warm water stream that moves under a flexible layer in circular motions, imitating basic techniques of a classic massage.

Treatment cost 50 zł‚
The state-of-the-art mechanical body massage device, using low frequency vibrations through an outer rotation system, producing waves along the axis.

  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
  • Widens the peripheral blood vessels
  • Increases cell metabolism and oxygenation
  • Reduces cellulite, for a firmer and smoother skin
  • Better flexibility of scar tissue, adhesion or hard skin tissue
  • Keeps proper muscle tensions, regenerates muscle tissue, eliminates toxins
  • Pain relief and relaxation
Treatment cost 50 zł
5 automatic programs, 5 massage techniques and 2 individual programs, which can be saved in the chair’s memory guarantees a great massage and relaxation.

Treatment cost 50 zł‚
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