Physical therapy

Is a method of physiotherapy and form of physical stimuli treatment, such as: electricity, light, magnetic fields, ultrasounds, warmth and cold to stimulate certain biological processes in the tissue. It erases pain, swellings, oedema and inflammations, stimulations or relieves and heals, which is why it is often used after traumas.

Tens and Kotz electrical stimulation 20 zł
Ionophoresis with medicaments 20 zł‚
Ionophoresis 15 zł‚
Laser point 15 zł‚
Ultrasounds 15 zł
Diadynamics 15 zł
Solaris lamp 15 zł‚
Lamp 15 zł‚
Cryotherapy 15 zł‚
Magneto therapy 15 zł
Galvanisation 10 zł



Based on an electrostatic field, created on the patient’s skin, which reaches out to the deepest skin layers. Deep Oscillation treats:

  • Strong inflammation or pain
  • Stimulates healing of open wounds (just after 2 days from the operation)
  • Serious injury therapy, muscle tension
  • Quickens regeneration processes, i.e. after radiotherapy, skin transplantations, mastectomy, liposuction, operations
Deep Oscillation Personal 40 zł
Manual massages
Mechanical massages