Therapy profiles

Health Resort Lila is a private health care centre providing prophylactic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services, including:

  • Metabolism diseases with arterial hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, liver and digestive tract disorders,
  • Anti-aging medicine,
  • Locomotion organs disorders – regeneration orthopaedics
  • Neurological disorders – regeneration neurology
  • Depression, neurosis, burnout, addictions
  • Women after mastectomy
  • Rheumatic diseases, i.e. Rheumatoid arthritis, GPP and other
  • Cardiovascular diseases, i.e. arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, blood circulatory system disease and other
  • Pulmonary diseases, i.e. pneumonia

Our doctors

  • Ireneusz Lelwic, MD – Lead physician of the private health care centre Health Resort Lila, general practitioner, balneology and physical medicine consultant.
    • Metabolism diseases are a group of diseases caused by flawed metabolism actions within the organism. Their etiologic can differ – from mutations to the wrong diet. Metabolism diseases can hurt many systems within our organisms, of which some have only an effect on our digestion, while others constrict our physical and mental fitness.
    • Anti-aging medicine is a preventive medicine that stops the process of aging, helps keeping a good and healthy appearance, vitality, memory and good quality of life throughout the years.
  • Waldemar SĂłjka, MD – spa physician, balneoclimatology, physical medicine and general surgery consultant.
  • Zbigniew LeĹźuch, MD – Orthopaedics and traumatology consultant
  • Regeneration orthopaedics is treating changes due to overload and to the muscle-bone system with PRP plasma
  • Currently, the most used method in regeneration orthopaedics are treatments with PRP plasma. This method uses the greatest source of growth elements – platelets.
  • Dr Jan Wilk, MD – psychiatric consultant.
    • Treating depression, neurosis, burnout and addictions
    • Mental health disorders are a derivative cost of functioning in society often requires not only pharmacological treatment, but also psychotherapy in dedicated facility.