A beauty treatment, where layers of epidermis are wiped off by precise stream of microcrystals. It consists of abrasion of layers of stratum corneum by special machinery.

Face 100 zł‚
Face+ neck 120 zł‚
Face+ neck + cleavage 140 zł‚
Face 150 zł
Face+ neck 170 zł‚
Face+ neck + cleavage 190 zł‚
A new beauty treatment for better appearance and a younger face. An air stream along with diluted drops of Ringer’s solution erases dead skins cells, similar to a peeling.

Face 120 zł
Face + neck 140 zł
Face + neck+ cleavage 150 zł
Face 160 zł
Face + neck 180 zł
Face + neck + cleavage 200 zł
Erasing the outer layer of the epidermis, this treatment provides deep cleansing and unblocks the pores, giving the skin a revitalised and brighter look. After this treatment, the skin is soft, smooth and moisturised.

Treatment cost 200 zł
A painless, deep face cleansing using ultrasound vibrations. The main effect is a fresher and cleaner skin. Allow thorough cleansing of blackheads. Additionally, smoothens out wrinkles.

Treatment cost 160 zł
Is carried out to erase sebum deposits and calloused epidermis, such as blackheads, closing sebaceous glands. Also recommended for pustules and clumps. Also recommended for acne, sebum or skin that requires thorough cleansing.

Treatment cost 170 zł


Inputting active substances into deep layers of the skin through sonotherapy with electrical impulses

Face 170 zł‚
Face + neck 190 zł‚
Face + neck + cleavage 210 zł‚
Allow a skin lifting of the face, neck and cleavage without using a scalpel. These treatments not only eliminate aging effects, but also thicken the skin and improve its resistance. Radio waves stimulate the outer layers and deep layers, improving their oxygen supply, nourishment and microcirculation.

Face 190 zł‚
Face + neck 210 zł‚
Face + neck + cleavage 230 zł‚
A treatment for skin that lost its firm, lacking nourishment and with facial lines. Immediate lifting effect, nourishment, moisturising and higher collagen production.

Treatment cost 280 zł‚
A relaxing skincare massage, nourishing and circulation improving. The nice scents provide a good mood and wellbeing.

Treatment cost 95 zł‚
Recommended for people who live under constant stress and pressure, in need of relaxation and silence. Removes muscle tension, relaxes and removes stress. Additionally, thanks to the lifting mask, the skin is nourished and moisturised.

Treatment cost 140 zł‚
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