SPA capsule treatments

The treatment consists of a chocolate-based peeling, a chocolate facial and lotion. This treatment is recommended for the tired and stressed, that would like to relax their nerves and care for their skin as well. The chocolate treatment provides results in a beautiful skin and has an anti-aging effect.
Treatments can be done once, or in a series of 2 a week through 3 weeks time.

Treatment cost 210 zł
This treatment consists of grape pip based peeling, facial and red wine based lotion. A treatment for the exhausted and stressed, lowers the levels of free radicals, protects the skin from early aging, and corrects the metabolism and microcirculation. Warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius, the air is filled with the smell of red wine.

Treatment cost 210 zł
The watermelon treatment helps combat cellulite. The whole treatment consists of 3 steps to smoothen your skin, better its blood circulation, moisturise and of course combat cellulite.
The first stage is a perfect cleansing and smoothening of the skin with a watermelon peeling. When being massage into the skin, the scent of watermelons is even stronger, which betters our mood immediately. The peeling helps to provide blood and oxygen to your skin. Optimal moisturising and slightly greasing the skin, but most of all prepares it to take in the active ingredients.
The next stage is a watermelon gel body mask. It strengthens the collagenous fibre, with long-lasting moisturising, eliminates any roughness of the epidermis and combats cellulite. The last stage is of the watermelon treatment is a light lotion, which enhances the skins firmness and moisturising.

Treatment cost 200 zł
The treatment consists of a peeling, a marine algae compress and full body moisturising.

Mainly a smoothing treatment based on kaolin and a mix of Fuscus algae, ivy and horse chestnut. The healing properties of algae active the metabolism, combat stuck lymph and invigorate the bodies self-cleansing process. The treatment helps to strengthen connective tissue and leads to regeneration and relaxation. Especially visible is improved skin condition after this treatment.

Treatment cost 230 zł
Is a gentle, mechanical peeling of dead cells and impurities off the skin’s surface to speed up the skin regeneration process. The peeling is based on precise massages with special cosmetics.

Body peeling 80 zł
Body peeling and moisturising 120 zł
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