Combines the advantages of a classic and energetic massage, animates the muscles, skin and circulatory system, as well as greatly works on the nervous system a balances out the body’s negative reaction to stress, eliminates involuntary muscle tension, recovers the right heartbeat, circulation and blood pressure. The slow movements are calming and work as a stress relief.

Full body massage 130 zł
Partial massage 70 zł
Deeply relaxing full body massage, done with an aromatherapeutical candle, which wax after heating up becomes a warm and sensual massage oil. The massages guarantees relaxation and wellbeing, eliminates muscle tension and emotional tension.

Full body massage 150 zł
Partial massage 70 zł
A massage that is beneficial to the human mind and body. Based on the classic massage, its effect is strengthened by two additional ingredients: chocolate cream and chocolate massage oil.

Full body massage 150 zł
Partial massage 70 zł
Combines the effects of thermotherapy, drainage and aromatherapy. The base of this massage is the broad effect on thermo receptors placed in the patients skin. As a result of reflex, the massaged area becomes warmer and the blood vessels become broader again. The right mood, essential oils and the right ambient have a soothing effect on the patient, stopping the limbic system and lowering the stress levels.

Full body massage 150 zł
Partial massage 70 zł
Is a form of vacuum therapy and is the opposite of compression therapy. The basis of it is creating a vacuum inside the bulb and draw in the skin and subcutaneous layers. During the bulb massage, we have two kinds of effects mechanical and reactional.

Chinese bulb massage (desired part of body) 70 zł
Reduces lymphostasis and effusion, disposes harmful products of metabolism, and cleanses the body of toxins. Enhances oxygenation and cell nutrition. Regenerates and toughens the connective tissue, improves skin tension. The skin becomes smoother and more elastic, shining with freshness and vitality.

Anti-cellulite massage 90 zł
Thighs and buttocks 220 zł
Belly 170 zł
Arms 150 zł
Thighs and buttocks 270 zł
Belly 210 zł
Arms 190 zł
Belly 90 zł
Buttocks 80 zł‚
Shoulders 80 zł
Face 70 zł‚
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