7 or 11-day winter holidays bundle

Price includes:

– 6 or 10 nights according to reservation
– Complete meals: buffet breakfast and dinner, lunch served
– Dry or steam sauna, Jacuzzi hydro massage – unlimited access
– Bright light therapy x 1
– full body massage x 2
– Waterbed massage€ Medy-Jet x 1

The bundle begins with dinner, ends with breakfast.


Prices 7-day camp:

Single room Lux 1099 zł‚
Double room Lux 959 zł‚/person
Double room Standard 899 zł/person


Prices€“ 11-day camp:

Single room Lux 1679 zł‚
Double room Lux 1499 zł‚/person
Double room Standard 1399 zł‚/person
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